In case of being interested, you are able to choose from the following:
The base is a formation of singer’s trio – Berco Balogh, Lazaro and Karol Csino. The maximum length of the show is 60 minutes and it’s divided into 2 or 3 music theme blocks. May be accompanied by dancers or not. Always different costume variations. Dancers are either 2 or 4. Music base of the show is pre recorded, however, for the more demanding guest there is a possibility of live swing orchestra.

Type of programu Solo Exclusive Full Christmas
Minutes (max.) 60 60 60 60
Number of entries 2-3 2-3 2-3 2
Costume change 2-3 2-3 2-3 2
Singer Berco Balogh Berco Balogh Berco Balogh Berco Balog
Singer Lazaro Lazaro Lazaro Lazaro
Singer Karol Csino Karol Csino Karol Csino Karol Csino
Dancers (number) 0 2 4 2
If you are interested, we will send you the full offer, exact content and technical preferences.


Program SwingStars – Solo, Exclusive, Full:

It is generally thematically split into 2 blocks. The first musical block is characterized by a swing genre. Evergreens by Frank Sinatra will be presented- New York, my way, lady is a tramp, etc., which are processed to be performed by 3 voices, making them exceptionally attractive. The second Latino-inspired block has a dance character, where songs like Sway or Brazil will lift the audience out of their chairs.

Christmas special – Christmas swing:

Christmas show with a duration of almost 60 minutes, created specifically for the Christmas season. It’s full of beautiful Christmas melodies, which are well known and adored all around the world, especially during the time of Advent.
Swing Stars are starting the performance with songs such as Santa Claus is coming to town, Let it snow, Feliz Navidad and Jingle bells and later transform into the soft and peaceful armosphere of White Christmas and Silent Night.
Your Christnas event starring Swing Stars is starting.

Swing Stars and its guests:

Swing Stars are cooperaring with a number of local as well as foreign artists. One of the most common “Rat pack” guests is a great american singer Gail Anderson as well as the local stars such as Brigita Szelidová, Karka Ivánková or actress/singer Veronika Paulovičová.

New show – Soul Fires

Singing trio Berco Balogh, Lazaro and Karol Csino is performing not only Swing stars, but also another, very attractive project called Soul Fires. It’s a singing and dancing full power live show based on the tracks Earth Wind and Fire – very well known funk band. This is a very positive show, full of energy, great singing and dancing performance, suitable mainly for dancing round. More info